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Plagron Sugar Royal

Plagron Sugar Royal

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Stimulates resin/crystal production

Sugar Royal is a very powerful organic amino acid based stimulant. It increases chlorophyll production by increasing resin/crystal formation. This leads to the creation of a strong final product with the best taste and aroma qualities. Some of the amino acids in the composition of Sugar Royal cause a reaction on the part of the plant. The plant feels like it will dry out and protect itself as best it can by maximizing resin/crystal production and speeding up the overall ripening process. Sugar Royal creates a drought stress effect without the risk of actual drought. To achieve a good strain of healthy plants able to grow under optimal conditions, the total time from seedling to harvest can be reduced by one week using Sugar Royal. For maximum results, we recommend combining Sugar Royal with Green Sensation. Unlike Sugar Royal, Green Sensation contains enzymes and an extra dose of organic phosphorus and potassium for optimal flowering


Shake well before use. Add no more than 1 ml. Sugar Royal per 1 liter of water (1:500). Once a week feed the plant with the plant food solution starting in the second week of the growth phase and continuing until the third week of the flowering phase. If there is no growth phase, start directly and use up to one week before the end of the flowering phase.

Available in sizes of: 100ml; 250 ml; 500 ml; 1L; 5 L


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