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Prot-eco, BIO NEEM 30 ml.

Prot-eco, BIO NEEM 30 ml.

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Features of Bio Neem

BIO NEEM. 100% neem seed extract.

It is a biological, biodegradable product with no waste. In addition, it does not affect beneficial insects such as ladybugs, worms, bees, ...

The product promotes the biological defense processes of the plant itself and has a pronounced repellent and strengthening effect against possible attacks by pathogenic fungi such as mildew, botrytis, swarm...

Dosage and Administration of Bio Neem:

Foliar application: 1 to 2 ml / l, wetting the whole plant very well, including flowers and the underside of the leaves.

Root and tub application for cuttings: 2 to 3 ml/l

* Do not mix with alkaline products. Apply in low light.


This oil coagulates below 15ºC, so it is recommended to store it in a place where the temperature exceeds 20ºC. If this is not possible, keep the product near a heat source for 5 minutes before use.

Combinations of Bio Neem with:

  • Also, with MOBET: The product stays in the plant for a longer time.
  • And with ESSENTIALPROT: Greater penetration into hard-to-reach parts of the plant.

Security period:

Stop application of BIO NEEM 10 to 15 days before harvest.

The company advises to wash the roots 2 weeks before harvesting.


Certification No. AN26PAE-13

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